lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

Alas, when will I stop trying to put in words
the wordless?
Better acted out in gestures and be seen, unseen
understood or misinterpreted

The longing I dwell on is yours
and I blame you, for you let me see
and then cut me out and rendered me speechless
To you I bellow -Why!
and spit it at your feet sometimes
out of sheer frustration

Why so clear, why so ever present and yet
so astray?
and even when my breath is lost, my heart keeps on pouring out
jumping in me, ripping me out everytime someone -whoever-
so much as whispers your name
And again I say

I know! I´ve seen thee, and yet I can not speak
for my speech is just mumbling
just my tears, for you my love
even if they don´t mean nothing
Even more so when they might be
your love for me and not really mine for you

miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

El acto de Fe es un acto personalísimo, y como tal, al darse en la intimidad de la persona y ser parte de la mirada de esa persona, es improbable que se pueda verificar según normas objetivas. De ahí que puedo decir, antes que "tengo fe", con más acierto "tengo fe en que tengo fe"